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3 Tips to learn a language with a busy schedule.

Date: Tuesday 4th October 2022

Location: Abu Dhabi

Day: 6

I started this journey of re-learning Mandarin 6 days ago, intending to become fluent eventually. I have some goals in mind; I would love to watch TV shows with minimal assistance, recognise characters and words while typing on my keyboard, and hold conversations.

I have realised that this journey will not take 30 minutes but years of continual and consistent practice. In my last blog post, I was alone, sightseeing in Rome, while being asked for my hand in marriage. Now? I am sitting in a hotel room with my husband behind me, reading 'Beyond Order' by Jordan Peterson in a country with the sun pressing against its borders, trying to roast us alive.

Despite the constant transitions in location, the commitment to being a wife, and practicing for my new performance in California, USA, I've found a few things that have helped me remain consistent in learning Chinese.

Apps Apps Apps

SuperTest has been my 'go-to' app for the past few days. While Busuu is excellent for learning, too, SuperTest, I find, includes better structuring and grammar practice. Busuu is brilliant for phrases, but SuperTest has won my heart.

Find apps that suit your busy schedule and learning style. Here is a list of Apps that I use for learning Chinese: