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I'm addicted to learning Chinese again! Day two of re-learning Chinese.

Date: Wednesday 28th September 2022

Location: Rome, The Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, the streets of Rome

The sun beats across my face; this is why I don't particularly appreciate wearing glasses. I scoff at the thought of tan lines branded across my nose from my metal frames helping me see - apart from this, I am more than content because day two of re-learning Chinese has been a success.

Why am I feeling so 'inspired' to learn?

I have to admit, my mind today has been active. I've been a true tourist - exploring the mysteries of the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel. I took a mini walking tour around the city centre. Though untempted, an Italian man essentially asked for my hand in marriage; I was flattered, but my ring finger is taken, so I politely declined. Nonetheless, I have had an inspiring day; the stress of day-to-day life isn't pressed upon my shoulders. No cooking or cleaning to do, no family to visit, no admin tasks or emails to respond to; I have been alone, recharging, and learning.

Perhaps, being alone has inspired me to learn again. In day-to-day life, it is easy to forget what you most enjoy. You merge into becoming someone that fits the day rather than the day serving you. You become a 'product' of your environment, so to speak, rather than being the person that shapes it. Things control you, instead of you controlling things - so you become a 'thing', I suppose, rather than an actual being. Perhaps I am being technical, but in essence, I have missed learning without constraint.

How will I continue to learn when I come off of my solo trip?

I am presuming this is where 'routine' comes in. Discipline. Work ethic. Ending my social media addiction and ending the massacre to my brain cells. Accountability. Humility.

Seriously though, I want to move to China at some point in my life again. That is one motivation. But is it enough? Probably not. I like a goal - so it is worth booking my HSK1 and 2 test before the year ends to have something to work towards and maybe adding a trip to China twice a year.

I am also most productive in the mornings when I am alone, but since I am married to my gifted musician husband Morgan, I am most effective in the evenings when I am home alone. Like my personality, my work style is quiet, reserved, and reflective. So I think - maybe - that will work best.

What did my learning look like today?

I didn't have space for a notebook in my carry-on suitcase, so I have been working on my listening techniques. Working on my describing words: long (长), short (矮) - looking into opposites like cheap (便宜), and expensive (贵). Today I was reminded of how to say the word strawberry (草莓).

I then hunted for some apps; Pleco, Scripts, Tandem, and Viki have taken up the remaining space on my iPhone 13 Pro Max. I will let you know how I get on.

What does tomorrow look like?

I want to use the App 'Scripts' more. I have felt discouraged to write Hanzi (汉子) in the past, mainly because it looks so complicated; I am determined to move past this. I am looking forward to letting you know how it goes tomorrow.

Until then, I'm sure you're reading this because you're procrastinating about learning that new skill you've always wanted to; why not start today?

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