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Storm Cecile is an international spoken word poet who helps brands share meaningful stories and messages with their clientele through performance poetry. 

She is the Founder of the Winning Poem 'Men Are Trash' which headlined the PIA tour in 2018. She has also featured on ITV, E4 and channel 4 on a Nationwide Building Society advert in 2017 and 2021, and has featured in Black Ballad, a leading voice for black women in the UK. 

As a poet, Storm uses extended metaphors and imagery to help the audience connect with her words and challenge the listener to re-consider and truly assess their view point. Her work is commissioned by companies who would like produced poetry videos, or live performances. Her work has been praised by past clients, including, Kugali, Ruka Hair, Biblica and Christian Aid to name a few.

You can find Storm on and contact her here for press queries, commissions or questions. 


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