Poet | Storm Cecile

Who is Storm Cecile?

Storm Cecile is a creative writer, story- teller, blogger and spoken word artist. She has a strong passion for the environment, poetry and story telling, education, languages, writing and healthy living.

Cecile has worked with Nationwide Bank, Kugali and various artists and schools around the UK. She hopes that her writing and creative gift will touch nations and inspire people to live full and happy lives.



Who does Storm 

collaborate with ?

Storm Cecile writes for: 

commercial companies, individuals, wedding ceremonies, parties, funerals, charities, churches, artists, blogs, websites, books and anyone who wants to tell a compelling story.

How does Storm collaborate with people?

Storm Cecile will work with individuals and clients. She will then plan and execute effectively in accordance to her clients creative and writing needs.


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Clients I've written for:

Poet. Writer. Story teller. Creative. 

Storm Cecile. Tell stories. Tell people.